Inauguration Dread 2017

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today. We were discussing the inauguration and the collective feeling of dread. Often, it’s been chalked up to partisan reasons. If you’re a Republican, you don’t want a Democrat in office. Conversely, if you’re a Democrat, you don’t want a Republican in office. I tried to think…

Kevin Hart said WHAT about WHAT?!?!?!?

Football is back. College football on Saturday. NFL on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. We’ve waited all summer for this! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! I wish I would’ve taken a picture of my setup yesterday. I moved my blanket, favorite chair, and footrest into the living room. I set up the living room coffee table to hold my food, drink,…

My best friend

August 11th was/is a pretty amazing day. Its 1997. I’m in high school, I had a really good friend named Brice. We actually went to middle school. He was fun, cool – pretty stinking amazing. His birthday was August 11th. As time passes, you grow up and apart, you go away (to college), and you lose touch….

Ladies Only Fantasy Football League

Ladies… If you’re interested in a free female fantasy football league, let me know. We have room for up to 4 more ladies. I’ll send you the link!