Hello, 2017.

My best friend and I have a joke. We talk to each other every year on the first and sarcastically tell each other that this year is gonna be our year. When we were younger, there was absolutely no sarcasm. We actually believed that each passing year was gonna be the year we made it….

Just Say You Aren’t Interested

  What is so difficult about saying you aren’t interested? I’ll wait. I really want an answer.   Why do people have such a difficult time with this? I have absolutely NO problem with saying it. I’ve been approached by guys and I’ve kindly explained that I wasn’t interested. “Thank you for the compliment, but…

My best friend

August 11th was/is a pretty amazing day. Its 1997. I’m in high school, I had a really good friend named Brice. We actually went to middle school. He was fun, cool – pretty stinking amazing. His birthday was August 11th. As time passes, you grow up and apart, you go away (to college), and you lose touch….