So…. this year has been a doozy and it is only February 24th.

I thought I was having a simple little minor outpatient procedure early January that turned into the world’s craziest list of complications. I’m currently recovering and simultaneously preparing for another surgery. This time I’m mentally preparing for major surgery so I can have the easiest recovery – the opposite of what happened the first time. One day, I’ll get the courage to write about what happened to me. Just not today.

Anyway, I’ve had a ton of time since surgery to work on a few creative things. I’m still in the early development phase, but as soon as things are ready, there will be updates.

Oh yeah, I’m down 15 pounds from December 31st. That’s probably the best thing I can pick out for 2019. But I lost the weight for all of the wrong reasons.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Catch ya later!

questions? comments? concerns?

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