Turo: The AirBnB of Car Rentals

I travel. Not as much as I’d like to, but enough. I am also the queen of discounts. Why pay full price for something when a discount or coupon exists?

I was planning a trip home and needed a rental car. I usually can a rental car from a reputable, big name rental company for a week for about $200 or so. No economy or sub-compact cars for me. Full sized or special rentals. Because I’m really good at what I do. For some reason, my travel dates were the most popular dates in Los Angeles and all of the rental prices were $300 and more. And that’s for compact and sub-compact cars! That wasn’t in my budget. Could I have paid it? Sure. Did I want to? Absolutely not. I hit the Googles.

I came across a service called Turo. It is not new. I am not claiming to have discovered America like a certain someone we know who has a holiday in October. Turo was new to me. Similar to AirBnB, Turo allows people to offer their cars for use. I perused the site to see what type of cars were available and how the cars were priced.

Amazingly, they had all types of cars. New. Old. Automatics. Manual transmissions. The variety exceeded what you’d find at a typical car rental place. And the prices were fairly reasonable. You could rent cars from as low as $15 per day to as high as $60 per day.

One of the cars that I was interested in, a Lexus hybrid coupe, had a referral link from the owner. If I signed up using that link, I’d get $25 off my first rental. Of course I signed up. I provided the basic information – name, address, drivers license info, phone number, and email address. The verification process was fairly simple. I think it took less than an hour for me to be approved.

Unfortunately, by the time I was approved, the Lexus wasn’t available anymore. So I kept looking for cars. I wanted a car that would be delivered to me as opposed to me going to pick it up. You can search for cars that will be delivered for free or for a fee. I decided on a 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid. Driving in Los Angeles is no joke and gas is hella expensive. The car came with a maximum of 1,000 miles driven. This is a tad different from a typical car rental company. There are cars that have unlimited miles as an option. But seeing as I wasn’t driving across the world, 1,000 miles was sufficient for me.

You also have insurance options. You can decline all coverages and then you are responsible for damages. When renting from a typical car rental company, I decline all insurance coverages because Visa provides coverage and then my personal insurance would kick in. Unlike a car rental company, your credit card coverage does NOT apply for Turo. Neither does your personal auto insurance. I called and confirmed with my insurance agent. They have a basic coverage – it was $5.99 per day for the car I chose. There was a higher level of coverage for $14.99.

My total came to $175. That was inclusive of the insurance and discount for signing up. You pay up front – no using a credit card to hold the reservation. Once the car owner approved, just like AirBnB, your payment is accepted and you’re all set!

A few days before the rental was set to begin, the owner reached out and we discussed what time and where she’d pick me up. When I arrived, she picked me up from the terminal. She took a picture of my driver’s license to confirm my identity and I walked around the car to inspect it. Then I was off!

When it was time to return the car, she reached out with a place to meet near the airport. She arrived in a separate vehicle. Then we drove to the airport and navigated to my departure terminal. Once we arrived, she took a picture of the mileage and gas level. I provided the keys and we were done.

Turo is pretty awesome and I most certainly will be using it again. They have not paid me my post. Heck, I’m certain they have no idea who I am! But hopefully after this, YOU know who they are.

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Got questions about my travel shenanigans? Let me know.

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