Fantasy Football Time!

Its about that time again… probably one of the most fun stressful things related to football – outside of actually rooting for a team and hoping they win. FANTASY FOOTBALL. I’ve been in a whole lotta leagues across a whole lotta platforms. I haven’t perfected the process, but I’m fairly decent.

I’ve done all women leagues, been the only woman in a whole bunch of leagues, play for pay leagues, free leagues… you name it, I’ve done it. I’ve even won a time or two. As the preseason gets started, leagues start to form and folks are looking for people to join. I’ve joined one new league and signed up for more shenanigans in two leagues from last year.

In one of my favorite leagues, the commissioner decided to post that the LIVE draft this year was on a random weekday at 1:30am EST. This is ridiculous because every other year, the draft has been on the weekend at a normal time. So of course someone responds “What kind of republican-esque draft suppression is this?” on the message board. I cannot stop laughing. Especially because of who posted it and I’m fairly sure this is only a precursor to the craziness this season will provide!

If you’ve never tried fantasy football but you thoroughly enjoy the game of football, I highly suggest you try it. Start with a free league though. Wouldn’t want you to lose your money to someone like me your first go round!

Good luck this season… unless you’re in a league with me!

questions? comments? concerns?

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