Hello, 2017.

My best friend and I have a joke. We talk to each other every year on the first and sarcastically tell each other that this year is gonna be our year. When we were younger, there was absolutely no sarcasm. We actually believed that each passing year was gonna be the year we made it. Whether an idea popped off, or we found love (individually…don’t start no mess today), we got a new job, or whatever our heart desired. Each passing year didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to, so clearly the next year was gonna be it.

That got old after awhile. We’d be going on year number 15 right now if we kept it up. But we stopped years ago. For our sanity’s sake!

I’ve always set goals for myself. I need something to reach for. Something to work for. The proverbial carrot on a stick. What I failed to realize over the years is my goals were somewhat dependent on someone or something else. As a result, things didn’t always work out the way I wanted them.

This year was a hard one. 2016 was rough for me for several personal reasons. And the tail end of the year almost took me out. Honestly, truly. I almost didn’t make it. But I’m here.

I sat down about a 3 weeks ago and gave thought to why my resolutions came a hint short. And I figured out that they weren’t things that I could control. So this year, I set some goals. You can call em resolutions if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. But these goals are absolutely, 100% completely dependent on me. If everyone else in the world fell off the face of the planet, I could still accomplish these goals. Well technically, if everyone else disappeared, one of em I couldn’t. But that’s extreme. And I’d have much bigger issues to deal with than that one lil goal!

I digress…

One of my main goals I’m willing to share with you. For 2017, I am going to remain clear. Clear means a million things. And it would take entirely too long for me to really explain because right now the words escape me. But its about me and holding true to myself and standing firm in what I want and what I don’t want. And this is something that I control. There’s a theme.

I hope and pray that 2017 is amazing for you. I hope that you accomplish what you sent out for (unless it is contrary to me in any way, shape, or form).

Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017.

Love, Courtney.



questions? comments? concerns?

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