Rome Is My Eleanor

Gone In 60 Seconds is a theatrical masterpiece.

I lie.

I’m also referring to the remake, not the 1974 original. You remember… the one with the amazing Nicolas Cage? The one where he comes out of retirement to steal cars to save his younger brother’s life? The movie stars Delroy Lindo, Angelina Jolie (pre Brad Pitt), Robert Duvall, Scott Caan… the star-studded cast list goes on and on forever. HA!

Anyway, Cage and crew needs to steal 50 cars to keep the younger brother alive. The list of cars is expansive, ranging from Lamborghinis to Cadillacs. They name each car after a girl to prevent anyone from listening to guess what’s going on. One of the cars is a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang named Eleanor. Cage has some history with this particular car. He’s tried to steal it several times… and failed miserably.


Rome has been on my travel list for a while. The first time I attempted to visit was for my birthday in 2012. I’d saved up and bought my business class ticket to Rome. I was excited! I was also in the process of leaving sunny Southern California for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – another story for another day. After a lot of thought and quite a few tears, the timing was bad. Really bad. I’d leave for Rome, have the time of my life, come back and literally one day later, move EVERYTHING to Pittsburgh. And I hadn’t packed a single solitary item. Sadly, I cancelled my Rome trip.

Fast forward about 4 years and a state or two. I stumble across an amazing deal on airfare for Rome that included NYE. I was knocking out two birds with one stone. An amazing way to start the new year and I finally get to see Rome. I know you see where this is going…

Life happened. It started the day before Christmas, and the suckiness has continued up to today. Tomorrow ain’t looking good either. (I am really over this year… honestly, truly.) I was scheduled to fly out tomorrow but it won’t happen…AGAIN. Aside from life completely kicking my ass, weather has cancelled two of my three outgoing flights. Stress has caught up with me and cursed me with this terrible cold. And there’s entirely too much turmoil going on at home for me to leave right now.

Granted, the Mustang was in shitty condition, but Cage at least got the car to the shipping yard by the deadline. I can’t even get on a plane that’s headed towards Rome.



Oh, Eleanor. One day…

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