If My Name Becomes A Hashtag

Know that the police officer MURDERED me. I am not, nor have I ever been suicidal. I wasn’t reaching for a weapon. My hands were in plain sight. I complied with their requests.

If you need to say a quick prayer, go for it. But get off of your knees QUICKLY. If you need to organize and march, go for it. But once yall get done marching, BURN SHIT DOWN.

And don’t burn your/our neighborhoods down. Go to the neighborhood of the officer(s) that killed me. Set THEIR shit on fire. Make hella noise. Impact lives and livelihoods. Aim for their hearts and their pockets. Don’t try and let them tell you to be peaceful. TURN UP.

Don’t let the media vilify me. I don’t have any mugshots. Make sure they use one of my good selfies. Preferably one with me and my huge smile – gotta show em the dimples. Make sure they discuss my education and work history. Make the media discuss and interview the children I’ve mentored and tutored over the years. Talk about how I called almost everyone Sunshine – sometimes because I adored them and other times it was because I couldn’t come up with that person’s name fast enough!

If I become a hashtag, know that I loved you. I loved my family and friends. And know that if you became a hashtag, I’d do the same thing for you.


questions? comments? concerns?

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