Solo Travels…

So. Barcelona. For eight days. By myself.

At first, it didn’t seem like such a big deal. I’ve traveled several places alone. Hawaii. Vegas. Miami. The list isn’t short. When I wanna go, I wanna go. If you can go, great. If not, *shrugs*

This trip was random. I was alerted to an error fare to a whole lot of places in Europe for $237.

Two hundred thirty seven American dollars.

Listen, it’s hard to find a ticket from DC to LA for that price. So I retweeted the fare and dates. I sent mass and individual text messages. I posted to Facebook. Folks said they were down… but no one bought the ticket – except for me.

I kept waiting, after I bought the ticket, for the email from the airlines saying ‘Nah, fam’ but it never came. I had never heard of TAP Portugal airlines, but I looked them up. No major red flags.

Day of… I fly from DC to Newark. Then go from Newark to Lisbon. Let’s talk about my amazing upgrade. I thought I was just upgraded to business class. Nope…good old first class for the free. AMEN. Going cross country in coach ain’t fun. Especially when you’re tall. Been there, done that, my legs were not pleased. Needless to say, got to Lisbon and was ok. Left Lisbon got to Barcelona. Took the bus from the airport to the metro. I was supposed to get on the train and go two stops. From the directions my Airbnb host gave, I did something terribly wrong because I was supposed to get off and just be there.

I got off the train and was nowhere where I was supposed to be. So I caught a cab. No biggie. My Airbnb… that’s a completely different story all together. But it wass well located between buses, the metro, and a quick walk to Las Ramblas.

The first day, after dropping off my luggage and inspecting the place, I dropped off my luggage and went for a walk. Got acclimated with the neighborhood and made it back. I watched a movie and then went to sleep.

Each day, I woke up and got ready to hit the streets. I walked almost everywhere I went. A few times I caught the metro. I visited Las Ramblas, the CNAC, several plazas, La Sagrada Familia, the zoo, etc. I stumbled into a few events and parties down at Port Vell and the beach. I tried my hardest to play Bingo but the hall was never open. I ate my way through several areas and I won’t even try to quantify the amount of sangria I consumed. Therr were several craft fairs. I perused the vendors. Self restraint and more importantly carry on luggage prevented me from buying EVERYTHING. I met a few Spanish men who were amazing AND gorgeous.

I really had no major plans during my trip. There were a few things I wanted to see, but I didn’t have an itinerary. I travel that way to eliminate stress and headaches. If I get to it, I get to it. If I don’t, that just means I’ll have to come back. I’ll go back because Marco and Xavier have invited me back and they’ll show me around the next time.

I learned a lot about myself. I’m pretty dope and sometimes I forget that. I have a list of things to do and I’ve gotta get over a few fears to do so. But if I could do this, I’m on the right track.

Pictures soon come.

questions? comments? concerns?

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