Another First: Brazilian Sugaring

So, I’ll offer this small disclaimer… this is personal. I don’t know how descriptive I’ll get, but we are talking about a Brazilian wax/sugaring treatment so I’m going low. I’m talking about ‘down there’. There are NO pictures though. Keep reading, if you so choose.

First… here’s a link to explain sugaring. It is not my content but it does a decent job of explaining sugaring. If you don’t know what waxing is, do your Googles.

Here we go. Before yesterday, I’ve always handled my self-care routine for my nether regions. Nair, shaving (I only made that mistake ONCE), trimming, home wax kits… I’ve tried them all. Nair and the trimming have been the front runners. Nair just smells evil. And its kinda creepy that you apply a substance to your body that pretty much melts hair away.

I shaved once and the new growth almost killed me. You know how uncomfortable and itchy that is?!?! I only did it ONCE. I couldn’t bear the thought of going through that again. And using a razor in such a sensitive area was extremely stressful. There is absolutely NO ROOM FOR ERROR.

I bought a home wax kit thinking I could man up and do it. But once I really sat down and thought about it, I knew it was a bad idea. I am the one who prefers getting her eyebrows tweezed instead of waxed. Waxing is just so violent. The ripping part worries me. What if you rip too hard and take the skin off with the hair? Then you just have a patch of problems and pain. Needless to say, I tried it, but of course I didn’t pull hard enough so no hair was removed and I was stuck with wax everywhere. And it was no fun cleaning that mess up.

Random, but somewhat related: About a year and half ago, a group of ladies on twitter started talking about how we’d never had a wax. I always thought I was the only person on earth who had never had a bikini/Brazilian wax. We joked that we would all go out and get a wax on the same day and come back to compare stories. Well, that kinda fell through. But it was cute…

So here we are. A friend was going on vacation and wanted to get sugared – an alternative to waxing. But they both do the same thing. She found a Groupon and asked if I was interested. I figured, its now or never. We worked out the scheduling and set the appointments for Wednesday, June 1st.

I had no expectations…other than it was going to hurt. While sugaring is supposed to be better for the skin and hair removal, its still pulling hair from the root. Which is not pleasant, regardless of the body part. But the aesthetician was amazing. She asked me if I had ever done this before and I promptly answered no. She said, okay – no worries. You’ll be fine. Which is comforting, but not really.

She proceeds to go to work. The sugar is warm, similar to wax and she starts to spread it on. And the whole entire time, I’m anticipating the rip. Which is a terrible thing to do, but hey… I couldn’t help it. I knew it was coming and I needed to know how bad it was gonna be. If the pain was too much, I’d happily put my clothes back on and head home with a small patch done. Or if it wasn’t too bad, I’d sit through it until it became unbearable.

Luckily, neither of those two things happen. Now there were a few times, where I yelped. She said sorry and all I could do was breathe through it. Other times, it was just an odd feeling. There was period of time where I put my leg in an interesting position. There were a few moments where I thought… hey – just leave the hair there. Or, is she really gonna put this sugaring stuff THERE?!?!?

In the end, it was bearable and she told me to come back in 3 weeks. And there is an 98% chance that I will visit her in 3 weeks. Because listen, if I trust you to place a warm substance in my special places and rip the hair away once? I’ll trust you to do that for the rest of my life. We’re friends now. Best friends FOREVER.




questions? comments? concerns?

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