Life Lessons: On My Way To 35

Life has presented several challenges over the last five or six months. I’ve been meaning to sit down and type it all up but every time I get started, another curveball comes my way. I might work my way backwards for this one.

Work: I like my job. As crazy as some of the people are, I really do love that place and most of my coworkers. I’m fortunate to work for an amazing program director. He’s extremely supportive and has let me grow in ways that are indescribable. Hell, I had to interview for two other programs before I got to him – third time was a charm.

Anywho, I’ve always wanted to move to the finance side of the business. I’m currently on the research/operations side. But when I first started, Ray and I made an agreement – as long as he was program director I would work for him. And that was perfection until a position opened up on the finance side.

I was honestly torn. While I was as high as I could be job-wise, I really didn’t wanna leave Ray. I do all kinda stuff that other people in my job don’t do. I meet and interact regularly with high-level officials that I have NO business talking to. And if I find something I want to learn or do, he let’s me. He encourages me to go for it. But on the other hand, this was the door opening to let me in. And there were people pulling strings for me. Really important people pulling strings for me. Talk about internal conflict on 100%.

And even when I told Ray about it, he was completely supportive. He was adamant about taking care of me. And I was worried about him. My predecessor SUCKED. I was the one torn and indecisive and almost in tears about it. Oh – one more thing. Ray is black. Which is RARE in my line of work. One more reason for me to adore him.

Long story short, after initially declining the position I received a phone call from the head of the department. She wanted to know why I wasn’t going to accept the position. CRAZY. After extensive conversations with her over the course of a few days, I acquiesced… with conditions.

Signed my offer letter today. Salary increase, additional vacation days, sabbatic pay, work from home benefits, etc… And I’m still sad about leaving Ray.

And this is only the work portion of my life as of March. Wait until I explain my dating life…

questions? comments? concerns?

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