Five Days Ago.

Thirty-five is a fairly significant milestone birthday, right?

(This is the point where you nod your head and agree… go ahead. Nod your head and agree.)

Right!!! I was kinda thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike. I think I like you. You’re smart. Good job. But I digress… My birthday is pretty much in the perfect month, June. I’m almost equidistant from Christmas. Perfect placement for gift planning and giving. People can’t claim that I’m too close to Christmas or any other major gift-giving holiday. Gotta thank my parents for doing what they did with great timing!

Ok, I’ll cut it out and get to it. Five days ago, was the beginning of the 6 month countdown to 35. It is a combination of exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Exciting because its a milestone. Terrifying because I am NOWHERE close to where I thought I’d be 15 years ago. Hell, five years ago.

When you’re younger, you have these ideas and goals, albeit unrealistic, of what you will have accomplished and where you’ll be in life at certain ages. Younger Courtney had pretty lofty ideals. I’m definitely no where close to where I thought I’d be. And that’s okay. But as I sit back and reflect, I honestly have no idea of where I should or will be in the next five years. This is where the terror opens the door and peeks his head in.

Are you where you thought you’d be five years ago? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago?

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  1. You actually made me smile…the fact that you think 35 is “aged”

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