Responsibility: Spring Valley High School Attack

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the attack on the student at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. If you haven’t, *sigh* here’s a quick recap for you.

A student is disobeying an order given by the teacher. The student resource officer was called in. The student did not comply with the officer. The officer attacks the student. The student is a young Black girl. The officer is a White male. Her name has been used in the media but because she’s a minor, I won’t use it. I just don’t feel comfortable about doing it – so I won’t. Google is your friend. And it’s free.

Anyway, this scenario sounds fairly straightforward – until you see the video.

This issue has been analyzed and commented on from here to the moon and back six times. The responses are mixed. I don’t quite understand why, though. I can only think of one thing this student could have done to warrant an attack like that. She had to be holding an active bomb and he was trying to wrestle it from her. And that’s a RIDICULOUS reason. But that’s about the only thing I can come up with.

He is an adult. A police officer. She is a student. She could have called his mother, father, entire lineage all of the filthy things her mind could come up with. Still doesn’t justify his attack. She could’ve called him all of the pork references she could think of. Doesn’t justify his attack. She could’ve yelled at the top of her lungs for the remainder of the period. Still wouldn’t justify his attack. She could have simply sat there silently. Wouldn’t justify his attack. Are you catching on yet? THERE IS NOTHING THAT GIRL COULD’VE DONE TO JUSTIFY WHAT HAPPENED.

Naturally, after something like this happens, people are so quick to point out everything that someone has done wrong instead of focusing on the WRONG of the event that took place. Especially when the victim is Black. People have started looking into the girl’s family life, her behavioral issues, her grades, etc. WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WHY THAT CRAZY MAN DRAGGED HER AROUND THE CLASSROOM LIKE A RAG DOLL? Absolutely nothing. People would rather blame the black girl instead of blaming the police officer.

Notice a trend. Blame the victim, not the officer. Welp. I’m blaming the officer. He was completely out of line and had it not been for this video, he’d still have a job terrorizing students at that school.

Care to discuss? Let’s talk about it.

Do you think the officer is responsible? Why? Do you think the girl is responsible? Why? What is the appropriate outcome from this? Why?

questions? comments? concerns?

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