Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

First, let me commend #BlackTwitter for keeping me in stitches during this fiasco. The #AskRachel posts were excellent. Absolutely hilarious! I’ll post a few of my faves. Because, YES.

I’ve seen people intelligently and ignorantly discuss both sides of the issue.

Here’s the deal.

Rachel lied.

Before you go into the ‘work’ she’s done for our people and we need to be accepting, start with the lie. Rachel starts and stops with a lie.

She didn’t initially identify as black. She initially identified as white. She sued Howard University for discrimination because she was…wait for it…white. And this cute way of now saying I identify as something instead of saying I am something? Hey girl… I see what you’re trying to do and NOPE.

I am > I identify.

But back to dear, sweet Rachel. She’s been living this lie of blackness for quite some time. It’s worked out for her fairly well for awhile. All until her parents decided enough was enough. How bad was the situation that her parents finally waived the proverbial white flag? Pun… well, whatever. Parents support their children all of the time and for just about anything – murderers and rapists excluded. I’m curious as to why they decided to blow the whistle. What did she do? What did she say? What do they know that we don’t?

And WHAT WORK HAS SHE DONE? That’s the main argument that Rachel supporters are using. She’s done so much for us. Can someone please tell me what she’s done? Do you think that because she was the president of the NAACP chapter that she’s done something? I’ve got news for you. I know a president of an NAACP chapter and he aint SH!T! He has done absolutely nothing amazing and the world is not a better place because of him. *in my best Office Space voice* Sooooo I’m gonna need quantifiable evidence of said work. Yeah.

She had the nerve because of her little white lie…or black lie… to teach a class on the struggles of being a black woman. Wait, how? Has someone asked Sway? Sway has all of the answers, so I know he knows.

I find it highly offensive that she has lied about being black. I also find it extremely maddening when people are saying that we need to be happy that she’s trying to help. She can’t help if she’s decided to lie about her blackness. She could have helped…as HERSELF. She could have helped…as a WHITE WOMAN. Why lie? Why not be truthful? What did she have to lose by telling the truth? If she was REALLY about this life, she could have and WOULD HAVE made the same decisions and choices as white Rachel.

Kinda off subject, but not really…

In the last few years there have been several notable shootings involving police officers killing black women, men, and children. As black people, we’ve been screaming these shootings are unjust, unprovoked, and the police are not being held responsible. And of course people just look at it as the person did something wrong and black people need to quit crying about it, stop committing other crimes, dress better, get degrees, and they won’t get shot. Imagine if Rachel, in all of her great intentions and whiteness, could have stood firm in her whiteness as an ally and said, it is a problem and it is not just black people who have a problem with this. Because remember, she’s down for the cause, right? Instead her credibility is shot because she got caught in her fake blackness and black people have no time for that. I know I sure don’t.

There is no easy way to walk away from this. And I hope that Rachel doesn’t get a pass. She’s now made it difficult for light skinned black people to be taken seriously. (I kid, I kid. I’m not pulling anyone’s card…except for Rachel’s.)

But here’s a quick peek at one of the kajillion reasons why black people are AWESOME! Ladies and gentleman, I present to you #AskRachel.

And my all time favorite…

Bye yall!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious & extremely well written! Love your POV!

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