I Am Liviiiing….SINGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…in a 90s kinda wooorld I’m glad I’ve got my girls!

That song is now stuck in my head… and i keep picturing the dancer swinging her arms around as the song plays. It was such a dope show.

Ok… completely went the wrong way with that, but so be it!

May 2nd. Roommate-less. It was… or is… OFFICIAL!

I’m a tad late in writing/posting this so i wasnt quite sure which form of the verb to use. But it doesn’t matter! I live by myself again. It. Is. EVERYTHING! I’ve missed it sooo much. Listen. I come home, close the door, and immediately take my pants off. There is something so freeing about being pants-less. My legs have been restrained and restricted all day and it is only right that I free them the moment i get home. I could wear a skirt/dress to work, but no. It’s not the same.

Back to my freedom. I’m happy. I come home and SMILE. It’s so refreshing. I still have to meet up with her when they send the security deposit back since they put both of our names on the check. But dassit.

It’s clean, it’s quiet, and it’s mine. Well, not mine since I’m renting, but you get the point. I look back at the last 2 years and shake my head. Granted, going half on the rent was cool, but nothing else was worth it. This full ass month of rent I have to pay ain’t cute, but it is definitely worth it.

More to come soon.

questions? comments? concerns?

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