Almost Roommate-less…ALMOST.

We’re separating. It’s finally happening.

My roommate will soon become some stranger on the streets. And I CAN’T WAIT!!!

But not yet. For now, we still live in the same apartment. I started packing boxes in February. Yall think I was playin when I said I was ready?!?!? Anywho, I’ve had stacks of boxes in my room for awhile. My brilliant soon-to-be-ex-roommate recently lines up hella boxes…in the living room. And just leaves em.

Girl…  so you’re just gonna use the entire living room as a staging area? Nope. They’ve been in there for a week. I’ve chilled for a week.

Today, I ask her, ‘Can you move your boxes in your room?’

She says, ‘Well I don’t have much room so I put them in the living room. I….’

She saw me tilt my head.

The girl don’t even stay at the apartment during the week. There’s no excuse. You can’t say that you need to be able to walk around in the room so you are using the space. Nope. I interjected… ‘I have stacks of boxes in my room, it can be done. I’m having folks over this weekend, I’d greatly appreciate your cooperation.’

She has more than enough room to move them in her room. Especially since she isn’t there. But, that’s what happens when you’re trifling.

She’s so quick to provide an excuse, but terribly slow to make things happen. And she wants to be a real estate agent.

Side note: she’s terrible at simple math and lacks basic ass common sense. I wouldn’t trust her to sell me a wooden nickel. Be wary.

I’m so tired of this girl… so very tired.

questions? comments? concerns?

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