Life Came At Me…Quickly

Life comes at you fast

I had to change that up… I haven’t written in about a month. Life didn’t come at me fast. But a lot of things happened at once. And they all needed my attention fairly quickly. Everyone is okay, all is well. It was just a lot.

I’m counting the days until I am free from my roommate. Operation #FreeFromFilthMay2015 is in its final stages. While I won’t miss her and her filth AT ALL, I will miss splitting rent. I was absolutely blessed when I lived in Cali and Pittsburgh. I had an amazing, spacious one bedroom apartment in Cali for $695. I had a 2 bedroom townhouse in Pittsburgh for $684. Splitting rent here is $900. And I’m about to jump $500 more in May. But the peace of mind, lack of stupidity, and cleanliness will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth it.

Yes – I needed that many o’s. Have you seen the salmonella experiment I posted on IG?  If not, here ya go…

My roommate’s edible science project: how to breed salmonella without a laboratory.

A photo posted by @_csquared on Mar 24, 2015 at 2:20pm PDT

Work has been stupid busy. This is a good thing – except for its been super busy! I don’t get to go out and play during the week anymore. Heck, we haven’t had an in-office happy hour in awhile. That’s how you know we’ve been busy. But the next few weeks should be cool.

People have been trippin lately. Example: one of the young men I recently met decided he was gonna show his crazy very early on. SMH. He made some very strange remarks. He unnecessarily photoshopped regular pictures of himself. He lied about having a girlfriend. When I caught him in his lie, he blamed me for hurting him. I thought I blocked his number, but Verizon disagreed with me. Crazy just started calling me and texting me. He doesn’t understand why we I won’t answer his calls/texts. CRAZY!

And I haven’t even addressed the craziness from the news lately. But I’m back. And I have a few things to say. Because that’s the name of this blog.

questions? comments? concerns?

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