#LoveMe Challenge… A Whole Lotta Missed Days

So listen…

I kinda knew this would happen! It quite frequently does. I meant well. This ‘Learn to Love You’ blog/writing challenge had my name written all over it. Except the once a day part. Because, once a day.

I am currently due for days 4-26. Here are 4 through 14!

4. A person who loves you: my Daddy. Obviously. But he’s been there for me in his VERY SPECIAL own way.

5. A note to your past you: Hey Courtney. So, don’t let people off the hook so easily. Hold them to higher standards. Get rid of those that can’t keep up. Ignore the stupidity. You are more than enough. You are definitely worth it. And it gets better…waaaaaay better.  (This is a note to my past self – like a month ago)

6. A note to your future you: Hey Courtney. Taking that huge risk paid off. Look at how awesome things are! Just don’t forget where you came from. Remember when you didn’t think you were gonna make it. You made it.

7. One thing that’s just for you: Him. I don’t know if I know his name yet. I kinda think I do, though. But he is definitely just for me.

8. Share a scar: I have a scar on my right shoulder. There were these grassy hills at Brookside Park. In elementary school, we used to take trips to the park after school. They had these ‘sleds’ that we could get on and slide down the grassy hills. I was a daredevil, so of course I would slide down the biggest hill! I did it and fell off the sled and had the worst scrape/burn on my shoulder. Slid all the way down the hill and took off all of the skin on a part of my shoulder. Of course my mother forbid me from going down the hills on the sleds. Did I listen? Sure…for about a week! So with a freshly scabbed shoulder I get back on sleds and go back down the hill. Guess who fell off the sled and scraped up the SAME SHOULDER in the SAME PLACE?!?!? My mother whooped my tail! And to this day, I look at my shoulder and giggle. The scar has faded, but its still there. And I still remember how I got it!

9. Share something beautiful:

10. Share a secret: Nope. Because then it won’t be a secret. The whole point of a secret is to not disclose the information.

11. Share a smile:


12. Share a flaw: I hate the space in between my teeth on the right side. My left foot is slightly bigger than my right.

13. Share a quote: I don’t have one… nothing comes to mind immediately.

14. Share a fear you overcame: I’m actually still working on it. I have a fear of being complacent which will lead to failure.

questions? comments? concerns?

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