The Tattoo Teaser

I’ve been wrestling with the idea of a tattoo for the last few years. First, I debated the kind of tattoo. Then came the question of where. And after sleeping on it to make sure it was what I wanted, I’d change my mind about the kind of tattoo. I went on and on like this for a while.

Finally, I devised the perfect tattoo! PERFECTION. Completely nerdy, but sooooo me. It’s an integral taken with respect to the variable C. C is of course for my initials. It uses my date of birth. Its pretty FREAKING AWESOME. I did all of that work – and then I waited. I know myself. I wanted to see if I would change my mind. I HAVEN’T!!!

Placement has been problematic. I want it somewhere clean, but I still need to maintain a level of professionalism. Nowhere too painful (we’ll talk about THIS in a moment) and nothing too graphic. WHERE?!?! I’ve been stuck here for a while. I have narrowed it down to 5 places. Which shouldn’t really count as narrowing down, but hey… it is what it is.

Yesterday, we had biometric health screenings provided by my job. Cholesterol, glucose testing, weight, height, pulse…the whole shabang. I take a seat and realize, CRAP! Cholesterol testing requires blood. I don’t like needles. I’m not terrified nor will I faint, but I don’t like being poked…with needles. I noticed on the table with the practitioner there were no needles. I figured they had some new fangled gadget that would test it with no blood drawn.

I did a celebratory body roll… in my head of course!

And then the practitioner went and ruined my day. He said, ‘We just take a small sample from your middle finger. It’s no big deal. We just prick your finger like glucose testing.’ He proceeded to take this little purple box and pushed down.

OUCH!!!!!!!! I mean, I didn’t say it out loud. I’m a G. Cant let folks see me squirm.  But I definitely screamed it in my head! THAT MESS HURT. More than the usual process of drawing blood from my arm.

Then it hit me. Girl, if you can’t handle a poke on your middle finger, ARE YOU REALLY GONNA LET SOMEONE DRAW ON YOU WITH A NEEDLE?


No tattoos for me. #TeamPristineSkin

questions? comments? concerns?

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