#LoveMe: Day 2 & 3 – posted on Day 4…smh.

Um… I kinda knew this would happen. I forgot to post yesterday. I was hoping that I would at least make it to day 10 or 11 before I got caught up. Ah well… such is life.

Thankfully, I forgot to post for good reasons. I went to the gym yesterday after work *gasp*!!! I haven’t done that in ages. And it felt great! After the gym, I came home and cleaned up, washed some dishes, seasoned some chicken, folded clothes… I was on a roll!

So yesterday, Day 2, I was supposed to post a picture of myself. I didn’t take a picture of myself yesterday. I took a few the day before, but I look CRAZY. So nah. And I look like I worked the full eight hours today – because I did. So how about we compromise and I post a picture of myself that wasn’t necessarily taken yesterday or today? Yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do!


Day 3 – a word that describes you.
Hmmmm…. just one word?!?!?


I am amazing. I really am. I’ve taken some huge risks. I’ve failed a bunch of times, I’ve learned tons of life lessons. I’ve benefited from a few of those risks. And at the end of the day, I can smile about more than I cry about. All in all, I’d say that was amazing.

questions? comments? concerns?

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