Self Realization…

Today I met an Assistant Secretary of the Air Force. For those who don’t speak military, that’s kinda a big deal. He’s not the head honcho in charge, but he’s fairly high up the food chain. But that’s not the important part. When he came by, he was superbly cool and genuinely excited to meet… me!



Turns out people have been talking about me – in a good way! Heeeeyyyyy!!!

Anyway, it was pretty stinking awesome. And it made me sit and think. Actually, I was walking when I really got to thinking. I’m really hard on myself. Maybe a little bit too harsh. It comes from my desire to do well and my fear of failure. If it was up to me, I’d have a different educational and career path, my social life would be something to really write home about, and my relationships would be flourishing and flawless. I mean, its just expected. If you know who my parents are, this makes all of the sense. Of course, based on those standards, I’ve failed miserably. But then I got to thinking. Remember I’m walking in the cold, its raining and semi-hailing, and I’m crossing the street to get to my apartment. I’m in the middle of winter on the east coast. It is cold, but I haven’t frozen to death yet. I have a car. I have a decent apartment. I absolutely LOVE my job. I’ve met some fairly awesome people. I still know some amazing folks from back home. While life isn’t perfect, things aren’t too shabby. In fact, they’re GREAT!

It’s easy to focus on all of things that I want and don’t have. That often weighs heavy on my heart and mind. But today, I had that little sparkle of brilliance to remind me that I’m okay. I have some work to do, but things are no where near as bad as I think they are.

I don’t write this to brag. I hope that someone reading this has that same ‘Eureka!’ moment I had walking in the cold.

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