52 Weeks = $1,378

The beginning of the year brings a lot of evaluation and most importantly goal-setting. We’ve all done it – don’t front. It goes a little something like this: lose weight, be nicer, be happy, fall in love, save money, get a new job, travel more, etc.

Let’s start with saving money. Because this goal leads to a few other things. More money, more problems… that’s what Biggie told me. But we’re not talking about that much money right now!

I know my spending patterns – I like to eat and I like to travel. I can *ALWAYS* use more money! So it’s time to put this challenge to work. I did it last year until about May. Then I just stopped – I got lazy and a tad sidetracked with the new job.

It’s quite simple because the amounts are doable. 52 weeks a year. The dollar amount associated with the numbered week of the year. Well, that mouthful made it sound difficult. Simply put, the first week, save one dollar. The second week, save two dollars. The third week, save three dollars… if I need to continue to spelling this out, saving is the least of your concerns!

Keep doing this until the last week of the year when you save $52. If you successfully complete the challenge, you’ll have $1,378. Just that easy. And if you forget to make your weekly deposit or have a slip up (read: you spent some), just make the extra deposit. No judgment, no need to give up!

Nope – this isn’t my original idea! Just thought I would share it. This is one of my goals, so I figured I’d blog about it and hold myself publicly accountable. I’ve setup a separate savings account that is difficult for me to access. Sometimes I have no willpower – I’m a sucker for a great deal on a plane ticket!

Happy 2015 and good luck! Hopefully 52 weeks later, we’ll all have $1,378!

questions? comments? concerns?

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