2015: 1 out of 365

Happy New Year!

2015 is finally here. Today is the first day of a clean slate. The first day of the next 365… or 365.25 if you wanna account for the leap year.

I’m excited for all of the newness of 2015. But I can’t go without acknowledging everything I learned from 2014. Old friends, new friends. Old job, new job. Old heartache, new man. Old plans, new adventures. Okay, it would take entirely too long for me to acknowledge all of 2014.

I’m inspired to continue to grow as a friend, a woman, and a Peyton Manning fan. You honestly didn’t think I wouldn’t mention Peyton in this post, did you?

Travel plans are in the works. Life adventures and major decisions will be made. Even though January 1st is just a day, its a great first step in the right direction.

New year, not necessarily a new me. Just me doing more of what I want to do. Might be new to YOU!

questions? comments? concerns?

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