Patience and Silence

They sound like amazing personality traits, huh? I mean who doesn’t love patience? Who doesn’t love silence? Word to the wise… when dealing with me, you don’t like either. And you DAMN sure don’t like both of them together. They are my coping mechanism. But for terrible reasons. I’m patient. You can continue to do stupid stuff, talk all of the shit, be hurtful towards me… up to a point. I’ll patiently let you go much farther than you should. And for the most part, I won’t say too much. I’ll warn you a few times – but it’s short and sarcastic. So you might think I’m being funny – just regular Courtney. But there comes a point in time… when the patience and silence comes together. And it’s not good. That’s where I am right now. I stay quiet because I know what to say to tear people to pieces. I’m patient because I’m gonna let you dig your hole while I plot on burying you. And it won’t be pretty nor fun for you. But I’ll enjoy every single diabolical second of it. I swear I’m working on becoming a better person. And I have grown considerably. Because I can go longer than most understand. But it’s only delaying the inevitable. Just be careful. And be wary of patience AND silence.

questions? comments? concerns?

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