Drunk Conversations at 6am

My best friend texted me an inspiring text message of sorts this morning. Yesterday I told him I did something terribly stupid and I was beating myself up about it. He’s been really supportive of me over the last month – I’ve called him in tears at least four or five times this month. That’s absolutely unheard of! Anywho, me and my mess. And of course he’s there to help me pick up the pieces and figure out how to put things back together.

So he sends me this message that basically tells me to stop doing stupid things, calls me a terrible friend,  and a few other gems. At 9am ET. Which means it’s 6am PT. Which means I know he hadn’t been to sleep. So I call him. And he answers. And we talk.

The conversation was all over the place. But it was what it normally was for us. He shared some things. I shared some things. I told him about himself. He told me about myself. This goes on forever. Ok, maybe a couple of hours, but you get the point.

Then it happens. He tells me that I need to remember that I am in fact superior and not inferior. And he makes me repeat it back to him. While I know that most people don’t understand the nuances of our relationship, that was brand spanking new for us. But it was needed. I needed that affirmation. And there he was with it… right on time.

And with no rhyme or reason, we start debating superheroes. Superman vs Batman. Batman vs Wolverine. Superman vs Hulk. We go on for quite some time at that.

questions? comments? concerns?

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