Courtney Hasn’t Said Much Lately…

Whew child… I’ve been gone for a minute! And it is not because I haven’t had anything to say!

Life has a funny way of showing you things that you really needed to see. The last few months of my life have been a whirlwind. New friends. New job. New outlook on things. New perspective. Some folk turn things around January 1st. I got my turnaround about mid-February. I went through some mess only to be come out of it with a great outlook.

In no way am I saying that life is perfect and all is well with world. I will say that things are much better than they were before. YESSSS!!!!

Unfortunately, I had to have a root canal today – random, I know – and the medicine is starting to wear off. Which means I must cut my typing time short so I can go medicate and go to sleep!

But I’m back and I’ve got somethings to say. Donald Sterling is probably gonna be my first topic. Yeah, its after the fact but I need to say it.

Bye yall… for now!

questions? comments? concerns?

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