I Feel Some Type of Way… STUPID

I feel some type of way.

This makes me feel some kind of way.


This is not a new phrase. I’ve heard it several times, and each time I’ve expressed my displeasure in the saying. It is stupid. It is terrible. It is lazy.


I was okay with just ignoring the people who used the phrase – until someone said it at work. AT WORK.



Really? You feel some type of way?

WHICH WAY?!?! How do you feel?

Words mean things. The English language has several words to help you describe your feelings. Happy. Sad. Mad. Hurt. Uncomfortable. Embarrassed. Anxious. – I could go on.

So when you feel some type of way, take the extra 3 milliseconds and consider HOW you actually feel. Then use your words.

One Comment Add yours

  1. dwayne says:

    I feel humored!! Your post was funny!!

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