Why lie?




The opposite of the truth.

I don’t understand why people lie. If it isn’t the truth, why bother? Why waste your time concocting some unnecessary story? You aren’t saving face. You’re just making something up to… I don’t even know why or what you’re making something up for.

If you are put in a situation where you need to lie, consider the fact that the truth is still the truth. And if the truth is out there, then there is always the possibility that someone other than yourself knows it. NAMELY THE PERSON YOU ARE LYING TO.

Sure. I’ve been lied to before. Several times. It is a part of life. But today… today was different. Someone said something that I absolutely knew to be a lie. And as this person is giving me this information that was everything but the truth, I couldn’t help but begin to seethe. I mean my blood was boiling. I was angry. Pissed. Because I knew that the words coming out of that person’s mouth were LIES. And the idea that I wasn’t worth the truth.

Why lie? Why not just suck it up and tell the truth? Sure, there will be consequences for whatever happened, but lying will only make it worse.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents asked you what happened? I remember both of my parents telling me that I would be in more trouble if I lied. Regardless of what I did and how terrible it was, it would be a million times worse if I lied about it. Mind you, I was the good child, so that’s all it took for me to come clean. I guess I took that to heart as an adult. I am truly offended when someone lies to my face and I know it or I figure it out later.

I just had to get this out…What do YOU think? Is there ever a good time to lie? Is it ever ok to lie?

questions? comments? concerns?

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