Beat Face… not quite.




So I decided to make the effort to wear more makeup this year. Actually I rounded out the end of 2013 on this kick and it is carrying over into 2013. (Yall thought I was playing about no New Year resolutions huh?)

I’m living in the era and city of the beat face. Translation – a flawless face all done up with makeup and what not. I am whatever the polar opposite of that is. Well maybe not the complete polar opposite, but definitely a few notches away.

Applying makeup takes time. I’d much rather spend that time sleeping. For my economics folks, consider opportunity costs. I won’t completely nerd out on you right now, but I can definitely make that work! Not only does applying makeup take time, it also requires skills that I do not have. Patience, a steady hand, an ability to keep up with the trends, and a desire to be fashionably in. Nah, I don’t quite matchup with that description.

I figured that I could start really really slow and jazz up my face using eye shadow and lipstick. So that’s what I’m working on. I can’t do a smoky eye to save my life but hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be a pro.

I went into Sephora in the Pentagon City mall today. I wanted to find a makeup artist that could give me a simple, quick, cute, natural look with eye shadow that I could do everyday. And if I needed to, I could jazz it up at night and make it work.


I walk into Sephora and immediately I’m overwhelmed with all of the stuff. Bottles, brushes, colors are everywhere. So I look for an employee. There are about 5 young ladies in the special dresses that let you know they do makeup. I’m like SWEET! Until I realize they are all working with customers. So a young lady dressed in all black – not in a special dress – asks me if I need help. So I explain to her what I was trying to achieve.

She’s like I can help you. Have a seat. I should have run the other way. She proceeded to explain and talk about stuff and all I could do is look at her makeup and pray she didn’t do what she did to her face to me.

That’s exactly what she proceeded to do. She drew on my eyebrow. I mean she DREW it. I have eyebrows. She drew over them and created a drawing of an eyebrow. And I wont even begin to describe the eyeshadow – but it was terrible. And that’s coming from ME – the makeup illiterate. Needless to say, I couldn’t get outta Sephora fast enough.

Back to square one… *sigh*

questions? comments? concerns?

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