A body butter… er…cream

ayres ayres2

Soooo…. I like this stuff. It’s just not a butter. It’s more of a cream. A thick cream, but a cream nonetheless.ayres1

The scent is called Midnight Tango. It’s gender neutral. Not fruity, not flowery, not food like. More herbal? Maybe herbal isn’t the right term. I asked my guy friend. He said its cool. Its not girly, but its not manly. It isn’t flowery but it isn’t woodchips. HA! The container says it is made with essential oils of orange blossom and vanilla. I don’t smell either of those in it.

In terms of handling the ash – it does a great job of unashifying me. It’s smooth, not greasy.

I got this in my November Birchbox. It is a sample size – I’m guessing less than 3 ounces. I had it in my purse over my travels this past week and TSA didn’t harass me about it. Wait… it says it’s one ounce on the container. You can purchase a full sized container, 6.75 ounces, for $28 from http://www.birchbox.com.

ayres body butter

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