I’m baaaaack!!!!


November was a mess. Seriously. My personal life. My social life. My work. November was just messy. I wanted to write, but I couldn’t make the words make sense. Instead of trying to force it, I decided to break. If only I could take a break from work – and still get paid!

Alas, December is here. I feel sooo much better. I’ve had a few new boxes come my way that I can’t wait to share! I went home for Thanksgiving and seriously recharged. I’ve made a few new friends. The end of 2013 should be fun. And with the end of 2013 comes the beginning of 2014. It feels like 2013 just got here…like 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a fancy schmancy restaurant on the South Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bringing in the new year. Ok, maybe not 2 weeks ago. Maybe something like 2 months ago. It seriously doesn’t feel like a year has gone by.

Anyway, I’m back. And I’m better. So let’s go!

questions? comments? concerns?

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