My best friend…

best friends

Yo. My best friend will be here in less than three days. Wednesday November 6th at 10:15am EST. I haven’t seen him in more than a year. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement that is welling up inside. The shenanigans that will take place when he gets here… YES!!!!!

I met this crazy person back in 2001. We both took Sociology 201 at Cal State LA. There was a very small population of black students. I used make a mental note of all of the black students in my classes. There were a few – a basketball player, his girlfriend, the best friend, myself, and one other person. I had never seen him before on campus. I knew the basketball player and his girlfriend – we had Chem and a few other classes together before this one.

Anyway, one day in class, there was a paper due. I decided not to do it. When the professor passed them back out, I wanted to see how people did the paper. It was in a small classroom that was setup similar to a lecture hall. There were levels – similar to stadium seating. Kristoff (I didn’t know his name at the time though) sat in the row ahead of me, but it was also one level down from me. He also sat one seat over to the right of me. So I tapped on the girl who sat directly in front of me and asked her if she could ask him if I could see his paper.

She leans over, tells him something, and he turns around and looks at me. I can tell she didn’t know what I said, so I asked him, ‘Can I see your paper?’ Simple question, right? Nope. He turned around, shot me the dirtiest of looks, and turned back around. Like dirty – I wanna punch you in your face type dirty. And my silly self… I ignored that and asked the girl to ask him again. So she tapped him again and he turned around again. So I asked him again – ‘Can I see your paper?’

He obviously heard me and handed me his paper. After that, we became cordial. If we were in the elevator on the way to class, he’d speak and say hello or give me the customary head nod. I’d return it.

Then we became friends – he actually got me kicked out of that class… Well, the professor tried to kick me out of class. I politely reminded the professor that I paid for the class and I had absolutely no intention of leaving the class because I happened to laugh at an unnecessary joke from Kristoff.

Twelve years later, here we are. Through thick and thin, good and bad… I wouldn’t trade him for the world. My best friend is waaaaaayyyy better than yours. And yes, men and women can be friends without the unnecessary sexual tension that everyone assumes is undeniable.

All of that to say that when he gets here on Wednesday, the DMV might be in trouble. There is something about us together that causes all kinds of fun and trouble! And I cant wait for every single second of it!!!


questions? comments? concerns?

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