Kobe or LeBron?

kobe lebron
Kobe Bryant. LeBron James.

A highly debated topic. Who is better? What do you base your decision on? Championships? MVPs? Stats?

Today, I post my pick.

LeBron James. Hands down.

But wait. My decision isn’t based on any of that basketball stuff. At least not directly.

The collaboration between Nike, Samsung and LeBron James is brilliant. Shoutout to LeBron’s people and the Nike & Samsung marketing executives. The campaign is pretty stinking amazing. And not just this recent one – the older ones too!

The decision to show LeBron as just a regular person who goes to the barbershop, buys ice cream from the ice cream truck, takes pictures with the fans… It works. Showing LeBron’s family in their day to day lives playing around and having fun. Yep. Showing LeBron involving the community and engaging the fans during his daily routine. Absolutely.

Yes, it’s a commercial. It may or may not all be true. But it paints a picture. One that most people like and relate to.





Do we see Kobe portrayed in the same light? Nope. He had that legal hiccup…I’ll call it a hiccup just to be cute. Make no mistake, a rape charge is no laughing matter. Then he had the cheating issue and the threatened divorce and reconciliation. It’s been an interesting ride for Kobe.

I acknowledge that both players are talented and dominant in their own right. Which is why I’m not arguing based on that – because you’ll go round and round in circles with no definitive answer. The Kobe vs LeBron argument will go on forever. You guys can agree to put them both in the top 10 greatest basketball player list – but in no particular order.

But in terms of likeability and personality – LeBron all the way.

Fight me.

Disclaimer: I am a Los Angeles native however I am NOT a Laker fan.

questions? comments? concerns?

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