Update: My newest addiction…

My boxes have come! Well at least the Julep boxes.

The box is fairly plain – but it is marked. If you don’t know what Julep is, then you don’t care. But if you do, you might be tempted to swipe my stuff! (People have had sticky fingers with packages in my building – well at least my roommate’s packages. None of mine… hmm… whatever.)


I will say that the tracking system Julep uses SUCKS. Initially you are provided a DHL tracking number, then the package is passed off to the USPS. The DHL tracking number only showed the package leaving Seattle or Auburn. Then the package disappeared and the USPS never acknowledges their tracking number. I was prepared to call customer service and/or dispute the charge if a box didn’t show up by the end of next week!

On to happy thoughts… my boxes arrived! So I open em up. Cute!


The introductory cards are cute. But I could do with out em. Where is the stuff?!?!?! Can you tell I was the least patient child at Christmas? 🙂

The packaging is cute. The black crinkly paper is better than shipping peanuts – and I can use it again as filler in someone else’s gift bag. What? Stuff like that is expensive! And its really cute when you get it in your gift from me because you think I went through a lot of trouble and expense to get it… ok, let me hush. I digress…

The It Girl Maven box included three polish colors and a fancy emery board as a surprise.





I like the polish colors. They’re definitely trendy. I’ll definitely use all three – maybe all together in some interesting design. So far, so good. Nothing that I don’t absolutely dislike. And the polishes are 4-free. 4-free polishes are free of dibutyl phthalate (dbp), toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. That’s a good thing.


The Bombshell Maven box came with two polish colors and the Luxe Repair Skin Serum. A one-step polish remover pad was included as a surprise.





I like these polish colors too! I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Luxe Repair Skin Serum. It isn’t a product I’ve been dying to try. Now I haven’t tried it yet, so that may change. But my initial reaction doesn’t include jumping for joy. And the little surprise in this box – meh. One one=step polish remover pad? Not two? Whatever.

Both boxes are cute. If you’re all into nails – the It Girl box might be more your cup of tea. Three polishes. If you’re into beauty products, the Bombshell box delivers.

The only thing I’m not quite sure about is the price tag. I like the boxes, but I don’t like them enough for $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping.

I skipped the November box – but that was because I still hadn’t received the first box yet. I’ll tell you about my decision for December.

I’m waiting for my invitation to BirchBox. And I’m going to sign up for Color Me Monthly next week.  🙂

I heart boxes!










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