Wet & Wild: Fergie


I bought this color a few weeks ago. The color caught my eye. I think its probably considered a summer color but I don’t care. I hardly ever pay attention to the fashion rules. I truly don’t have time for that. If I like it, I wear it. I’m way off topic right now but can anyone really explain the ‘no white after Labor day’ rule?

I digress. So I was hesitant because I remember Wet & Wild polish being cheap, in quality and price, and for little kids. We used to buy it when I was younger – over 20 years ago. But the color – I had to have it.

Today was the perfect day to try it out. Imagine my surprise when I open the bottle and see the WORLD’S LARGEST BRUSH.


Why in the world is the brush so big? Who, over at W&W headquarters, was like ‘Lets triple the size of the regular nail polish brush so people end up painting more skin than nail?’ And what idiot was like, ‘That’s a brilliant idea! Do it!’

Like why? Oh, and the polish quality? Exactly what I remember it to be. It took 4 serious coats for decent coverage. *sigh*

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  1. Altair says:

    I did the same when I bought a Spring color from their Spoiled line. The polish is strong and lasts forever, even through dish washing BUT I hate the brush! It’s true, it is wider and provides more coverage but it is also fatter and jagged so there is always excess polish and the random hairs apply that excess to my cuticles! Overall, GREAT POLISH, Horrible Brush!

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