First dates are… whew. They’re nerve wrecking. They either define or destroy potential relationships. You either enjoy it or you hate it.

For the love of everything good and perfect in the world, DO NOT HAVE YOUR FIRST DATE AT A MOVIE THEATER!

Why, you ask? So glad you asked!

Usually, you spend your first date talking… you know, trying to get to know each other. Learn each others likes and dislikes. You may ask directly or engage in activities that let you learn about the other person indirectly. But there is communication that needs to take place.

When you go to the movies, you’re supposed to… WATCH THE MOVIE.

I went to the movies last night with a friend. FYI – we were NOT on a first date. We got there a lil late and ended up like 3 rows from the front. I’m already a tad annoyed because now I have to watch the movie cross-eyed. A couple comes in a bit late during the previews. The woman asks if she can sit next to me so I move my jacket and purse. No big deal. Then she and her date proceed to finish the conversation they were having in the car on the way over to the theater. They weren’t talking about the movie or the previews.

But I’m not too worried – I’m thinking as long as they talk during the previews, they’ll shutup during the movies. NOPE. The movie starts and they’re still talking. Theyre discussing the butter on the popcorn and her hair. So I lean over and give my friend the exasperated look. So he sighs really loudly. The woman looks over then goes right on talking. I let it slide because I’m trying to be a better person. All the while theyre talking, her date is asking her what happened because he missed it BECAUSE HE WAS TALKING. And of course she couldn’t answer him BECAUSE SHE WAS TALKING.

This went on for like 30 minutes. I was really on my best behavior. But then I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally leaned over and said, Do you mind if you keep it down? She looked at me and showed me this little face with her teeth… and then turned back to her date. He asked her what I said. She said nevermind, I’ll tell you later. He asked again and she told him I asked her to keep it down. So then I turned and looked at him – and gave him the “YUP” face.

That worked for like 10 minutes.

Then they were back to talking.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only person fed up with them. The people next to him shushed them too.

After the movie ended, I wanted to hurry up and get out of the theater so I wouldn’t have to look at them. Welp, turns out we ended up right next to them as we came out of the theater and I gave them every single ounce of stank face I could muster. And they saw and received all of it. Turns out these people were older… like in their 40s. They know better!!!!!

Needless to say, DON’T GO ON YOUR FIRST DATE TO THE MOVIES… especially if you end up sitting next to me!

By the way, go see Prisoners. It was a good movie. I liked it, but I do not have closure with the ending. If you’ve seen it, let’s talk about it. Whew… child…

questions? comments? concerns?

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