The Dating Diary – Mr. Football

I’ve written about one of many terrible dates I’ve been on. I’ve written about my experiences with online dating.

Time for another date recap. This one is a tad lengthy.

Before I begin, you must know that I love sports. Especially football!

Last Sunday I got dressed, threw a few curls in my hair, and headed to a local sports bar to watch the Manning Bowl. I get there, head to the 2nd floor, take a seat at the bar, and order a drink.  I’m watching my boo, Peyton, go to work. A guy comes in and asks if the seat to my left is taken. I say no and he has a seat. He orders his drink and he starts watching the game. Mind you, I’m not paying him any attention. My husband Peyton is playing. I’m cheering and drinking. He asks me who I’m going for, I say the Broncos. He asks who my team is and I tell him I go where Peyton goes. (It’s true. I’m a Peyton fanatic! Another post for another day.) So then we start talking football. Small talk, but its cool because we’re watching and talking football.

I finished my drink and I was getting ready to order another when the bartender puts a double down in front of me. I look up kinda puzzled and he points to the guy to my left and says he ordered it. I somehow missed when this guy ordered a drink for me, but I said thank you, we toasted, and we kept watching football. So then we start talking about fantasy football. He shows me his leagues, I show him my leagues. The conversation is amazing. He’s cool, he’s entertaining, he knows his sports, and he’s not trying to get me to prove that I know football.

I often meet guys who wanna test me when it comes to football. They like to ask me questions – stupid ones – to see if they can trip me up. This guy did none of that. It was truly refreshing. So we’re laughing, watching football, and drinking! Its wonderful. He ordered another drink for me. Then I realized that I needed to eat something or else I’d be in trouble. He even suggested something for me to try. It was delicious. He gets up to use the restroom and I can finally order a drink for him. Hey – that’s just how I am! I’m appreciative but I don’t want people to think all I want is for people to pay for stuff for me. I mean I do, but I want a car and a house… I can handle the drinks! 🙂

So we’re really talking and just having a good time. He was in the military. He had 2 kids. No wedding ring. No mention of the wife. We talked about his two boys though. He’s a Cowboys fan and a Duke fan. He was a tad older than my usual but still okay. All was well. I only intended to stay until halftime and then head to another place. But since we’re having such a great time, I decide to stay. But I also need to eat real food with the drinking. So I order a steak and kill it. It was amazing! Then we finally exchange names. Yep. We made it to halftime without knowing each others names. After I finish eating, he says lets go upstairs to the 3rd floor. I tell him I have to wait for my bill – he’s like, nah. I paid for that already. WHAT?!?!?!?! I was kinda mad about it, but I said thank you and we went upstairs. More football, more drinks. We exchange numbers. We don’t leave the bar until like midnight. It didn’t feel like we’d been out that long but time flies when you’re having fun.

Next day, I’m telling a coworker about the date. My coworker asks if I Googled him or looked him up on FaceBook. I hadn’t. I didn’t really give thought to it. He’s like, look him up. See what else there is to know about him. Look at his pictures.


How about Mr. Wonderful is married. MARRIED. Like, he has a wife. A woman he promised to spend the rest of his life with. Yep.

Needless to say when he texted the next day I didn’t respond. Smh.

questions? comments? concerns?

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