Paying It Forward

pay it forward


You hear the saying, but how often do you actually do it?

No, seriously. I’m asking YOU. How often do you pay it forward?

Well…. Yesterday I was working on one of my amazing grocery shopping trips. I’ve posted about this before – where you use the deals, coupons, and some great planning to buy $200 worth of groceries for only $80. I was already feeling amazing in the grocery store making my way through the aisles.

As I’m making my way toward the checkstand, I was coming out of an aisle. There were a few customers passing by so I paused for them to cross so I could continue straight into the shorter checkstand lane. As I was headed into the lane, an older gentleman kinda cut me off and got in line ahead of me. He didn’t do it on purpose – he turned slightly and looked genuinely surprised to see me standing there. He was like, ‘Oh were you coming here? I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you. Please, go ahead of me. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.’ He kept apologizing and backed his cart out of line. I smiled and told him it was okay. Truthfully, I wasn’t in a hurry and I didn’t have anywhere else to go but home after the grocery store. He kept trying to convince me to go ahead of him. He seriously only had like 8 things in his basket and I had a cart full of stuff. I told him it was okay and that he didn’t want to be stuck waiting behind me and all of my groceries. All the while he’s apologizing and I’m smiling.

It got to the point where I folded my arms, tilted my head and told him to go. He finally pulled his cart back and started to unload his groceries. He was really appreciative and it felt good. I told him it was okay. The cashier finished ringing his groceries and asked him if he had a Safeway club card. He said no. She asked if he wanted to sign up for one and he said no again. So I asked the cashier if he had anything that would benefit from the club card. She said yes, so I entered my phone number in the system and he saved like $4. He was blown away. He even asked me if I wanted his change from the purchase since I helped save his money. I laughed and told him no!

In the scheme of things, what I did was so minor. But it felt amazing. I’ve been lucky to have amazing people support me at one point or another in my life. It only feels right to do what I can when I can.

So how are you gonna pay it forward today, tomorrow, or some day this week?

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