Online Dating…SUCKS

online dating

It sucks.

Yep. I said it.

EHarmony has you answer nine gazillion questions before you can get started. Who has time for all of that? after the 4th page of 700 questions, I was like nope. But I get the idea that it helps filter out all of the people who aren’t serious. Because after answering the nine gazillion profile questions, you are most definitely serious about finding a boo online. is a hot mess. If you aren’t a subscriber, kiss any chance of meeting anyone good bye. If you do subscribe, you find that most people aren’t subscribers or they’re just about to cancel their paid subscription. That basically means their free trial is over or they had a low introductory price. The Stir events are a waste. I went to one and was sorely disappointed.

OK Cupid was recommended via a blog of someone I follow. They compared Match to OKCupid and it seemed that OKCupid is better. No paying to send and read messages. You can see people, they can see you. No one is overseeing messages or profiles to prevent information from being shared without paying. I thought, Sounds better than already.

At first, it was great. Messages were being freely exchanged between myself and seemingly interesting young men. A few stray DTF messages from curious bisexuals were quickly discarded. But all in all, it seemed ok. SEEMED.

These jokers… I mean gentlemen were… ugh. I had a guy tell me that he wasn’t going to email me. I explained that maybe I didn’t want to give my phone number all willy nilly. (I’ve had the same number for over 10 years – not willing to risk it because some dude on the internet is bat shit crazy.) He’s like well, I will text you but I won’t email you. SIR. Texting and email – typing. Different mediums, same thing. The only way demanding to have my phone number is beneficial is if you say you’ll CALL.

This same gentleman, after I schooled him on text vs email, said he wanted to talk to me to make sure I didn’t have a deep voice like a dude. Um… his voice is higher than mine. Seriously. It took everything I had to ask him to put a lil bass in his voice.

And before someone says it, this is not the only example. Unfortunately, it’s just one of many.

I should’ve listened to Kristoff. He told me to stay off the internet. I just might have to listen to him. He’ll never let me live it down though.

Guess I gotta find a nice young man the good ol fashioned way.

Cuffing season applications are a start…

questions? comments? concerns?

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