Cuffing Season – Applications Now Accepted!


For those who don’t know, cuffing season begins when the weather cools down and people start looking for someone to spend the cold nights with. Friends with benefits, a winter fling, or the start of a long-term relationship. You never know what may come of the upcoming season.

So here are a few application questions…

Please fill out your application completely and accurately. Due to the nature of the position, and the volume of applications, only well qualified applicants will be contacted.

Disclaimer: By submitting your application as the cuffee, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions that may be drafted in the event that your are selected. At not ime should you mention this application to anyone besides the cuffer. Also you agree to stay out of people’s DMs, BBMs, tweets, texts, FaceBook messages, and all other forms of social media and communication.

I’ve also included a PDF version that you may complete and email to return.

2013 Cuffing Application

Happy cuffing!!!

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