I have commitment issues…



Not the relationship kind that would prevent me from settling down. If I found a guy that I really liked and he genuinely liked me, that wouldn’t be a problem. Nope. And it’s not commitment in terms of work. I know this sounds crazy, but I love to work. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from my work is amazing. Especially if it is something that I am committed to.

I decided to participate in two challenges in the month of August. There was the #31WriteNow challenge by Luvvie. The challenge was quite simple. Write/blog every day in the month of August.  The second challenge was the FMS Photo a Day. Each day had a topic and you had to take a related picture.

I’ve attempted blogging before – but I just never kept up with it. In fact, there was a 30 day letter thing that I started my first blog with. Clearly that didn’t go over well. I wrote a few amazing letters, but I just never kept up with it. And I most definitely didn’t finish all 30 letters. 😦

I’m in a different place in my life right now so I thought I should give it a try again. And here I am. I missed the very first day. I spent a lot of time creating the blog, but I didn’t write anything. But I got it together and picked up the pace. I did pretty well. I find the writing therapeutic. In no way am I a writer. Everything is spelled correctly, commas aren’t in the correct place. I probably should use a semicolon or two. But i’m okay with screwing that part up. I hated writing in school. I was/still am a numbers person. Give me numbers any day. But when you want me to read/write? Ugh. Anywho, I started out well but I was late a few times and missed the last day.

The pictures… I love taking pictures! I always have. I just knew I could do that one. And I wanted to be creative with my pictures. Some of the topics were simple, but I wanted to avoid the easy route with the pictures. I started out well, but again, I fizzled near the end.

What is wrong with me? I knew I had to do these things, but just never got around to them. And it’s not like my social life prevents me from keeping up with the challenges! Although lately, I have most definitely stepped up my weekend adventures! But back to the matter at hand… I mean well, I just don’t. And I can’t figure out why. Maybe I should have only done one at a time.

Side note, I’m currently looking for a change in my career path. I’m interested in non-profit or for-profit programs that work with high school students. They can be for at risk youth – maybe college prep programs, business programs, finance programs. I’m pretty flexible in the type of program, but I want to work with high school aged/early college students. If anyone knows of any opportunities, please let me know!

questions? comments? concerns?

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