Only in my dreams…


The last few nights have been strange. My dreams are driving me crazy!

Well not literally. But I can’t figure out why my dreams have been soooooo off the wall. I didn’t have a large meal before dinner. I didn’t eat spicy foods. I honestly don’t know. I think the freakiest thing about the dreams is they feel so real.

The first dream night was Wednesday night. It involved a coworker, a couch, an acrobat, and breakfast. CRAZY. I woke up the next day like, ‘Oh no…. what did I do?’ Luckily, I figured out it was all a dream and I didn’t do anything that happened that night.

Last night, I had a dream about my boss stealing my Kindle. Earlier in the day, I was waiting for the mail at work. My friend shipped a Kindle to me and I had been waiting for it all week. The box didn’t come yesterday and clearly that was on my mind. Welp, in my dream I cussed out my boss and some other guy because I caught them with my Kindle and found the box with my name proving they stole it. Again, I woke up pissed – until I realized that didn’t happen. Whew.

I told my coworker about the dream. He was actually pretty cool about it – even though I was kinda freaked out about it.

Side note – my Kindle came today. I’ve been playing with it all day – and not writing my missed posts for the last few days. 😦

questions? comments? concerns?

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