Bar Rescue: Corking the Hole


Why ask for help if you really don’t want it?

Bar Rescue is a show on Spike. Jon Taffert goes in to bars that are failing and tries to help them turn things around. Jon brings in food and mixology experts to help turn the bar around. He screams, he yells, he’s a hard ass. Most people get really defensive because he basically puts them on blast about how terrible they’ve done things. But the owners reached out to Jon for help because their bars are failing. FAILING.

On this particular episode, the bar is in Ft Bragg. The focus is on a bar in a military city. The owner was a Marine. Unfortunately, the owner thinks he knows everything and he doesn’t need to change anything. He says a few times, ‘I’m military and I’ve been chewed out by professional ass-chewers.’ ‘He’s not gonna just embarrass me in front of my customers/employees.’

The food expert tells the cook and the owner to change their recipe for peel and eat shrimp. The owner says nope, we’re gonna keep using our same recipe. The food expert sends an order back because it was smaller than the rest. The owner argued with him saying it was 5.5 ounces. So the expert pulled out the scale and of course it was short. The owner just wanted to argue. Like, dude. For real? You’re losing $4,000 a month. You don’t wanna try something different? Essentially you’re getting free help at the expense of your ego. But you seriously don’t wanna try anything different? Oh. Ok.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

I’ve never understood people who are failing who refuse to change. If you’re doing something one way and its not working – TRY SOMETHING NEW. Does that require special training to come up with that?

Yes – I know its a show. I know its all for ratings. But still…

questions? comments? concerns?

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