Football can fix almost anything.

I was having a pretty sucky day. Until I saw the halftime highlights of the New England Patriots sucking against the Detroit Lions.

As a former Indianapolis Colts fan, I DESPISE the Patriots. I can’t stand Tom Brady. Ugh. Watching them struggle just made me smile. I mean the highlights were bad. The announcer made me giggle on the highlight of Brady getting sacked. ‘Sit down, Tom.’ I loved every second of it!


*I’m a former Indianapolis Colts fan because I go where Peyton Manning goes. I loved the Colts while he was there. I supported whole-heartedly. I almost bought tickets to the home opener of the year of the strike. Glad I didn’t. Anyway, now that Peyton is in Denver, I’m a Denver Broncos fan. And if he goes somewhere else, I’ll be a fan…as long as it isn’t the Patriots. But Peyton would never go there, so I don’t have to worry about it. 🙂

questions? comments? concerns?

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