A Groupon Fiesta

As part of the #31WriteNow challenge, I was supposed to post this last night… but as you’ll read shortly, I kinda forgot. Apologies.

So we’re all familiar with Groupon, right? They’re one of several companies that sells you deals on all kinds of stuff – electronics, travel, food, etc. Well, Groupon had a deal for fajitas and bottomless margaritas or bottomless sangria at a restaurant named Fiesta. Four people for $70. I convinced three of my coworkers and we went.

Fiesta is in Dupont Circle. When we find it, there’s just a green awning with the name of the restaurant. When you open the door, youre met by about 33 stairs…going up. We joked when we went in that they were making us workout for our food. As you finish your cardio there is a tiny landing where you either go right towards the bar or left towards the dining room. Someone appeared from a magical hallway and sat us in the dining room against the window. The place was filthy. Like no one dusted or took a cloth against the window and the ledge in at least 4 years. Ew. But the glasses on our table were dirtier than the ledge.


By the way, this is what the glass looked like when I sat down. I wasn’t wearing lipstick. I most definitely didn’t drink from that glass!

After we got the server to take the glasses away, we ordered our bottomless margaritas and bottomless sangria. We decided on the Mundo Combo fajitas – salmon, chicken, steak, and shrimp.


Um… we ordered the fajitas with salmon. That’s not salmon. It’s really well prepared tilapia, but it’s not salmon. But whatever. It was still absolutely tasty.

So we’re laughing and talking and drinking. I read a review online that said that the fajitas were terrible and that the servers were slow and it was impossible to get refills on the drinks. Luckily, our server Andrew disproved all of that. He kept the glasses full at all times. He was pretty stinking amazing!

We have a whole lotta fun… maybe too much fun…


So now you know why I forgot to post… 🙂

questions? comments? concerns?

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