Wait…that doesn’t make any sense.

I’m a really nice person. I really am. I have to remember to smile more, but that has a lot to do with everything going on my head. I tend to get lost in thought and my thinking face doesn’t include a smile all of the time. But that’s neither here nor there.

I happen to be really smart too! Not tooting my own horn, I just am. I pick up things quickly. I think through things a lot to make sure I understand them. If I can grasp the big picture, then I can make the little pieces work. This is what tends to get me in trouble.

Yep. I get in trouble for thinking through things. Especially at work.

There are procedures and steps to do things. To get to C, first you must do A, then B. If you want to get to E, from C you must complete D and E. Simple things. I pay attention in meetings. I read the emails about the goals, the system changes, the hierarchy changes. Remember, the big picture helps piece together all of the different pieces. Often times, people make statements that don’t make sense. There’s no logical reasoning behind them. There’s no procedural references in these statements. These statements just come across as someone who says something just to say something.

So I think through it. Does it make sense? Is that logical? Can it be done? Does it make sense that it would be done?

That’s when I get in trouble. Because my response is ‘Wait. That doesn’t make any sense.’

There was an issue today. My manager sends me an email. Reporting shows that I was missing some things. I’m thorough. I wasn’t missing anything. To be sure, I checked my work. Of course, I wasn’t missing what reporting says I was. So I started thinking through the data reporting was using to identify the deficiencies. What is the program using to identify the deficiency. Is the right info being pulled? Why is only one item showing deficient? I use the same algorithms so if the reporting is correct, all of my work should be missing things. What’s triggering this issue… This line of questioning and research goes on for some time.

So I send an email asking about the reporting and how the deficiency isn’t correct. So then I get an email asking if I know how to address the deficiency.

Um. I just said the report was wrong.

Here’s the problem. When people don’t understand big picture and can’t look two steps beyond the information they have, it gets dangerous. Clearly my manager doesn’t understand that the reporting is incorrect – nor does he know how to identify what the reporting is using to make the corrections.

So I ask again – and go into detail about what I did, why its correct, and how the reporting is off. His response, well just do 12 things that have nothing to do with anything so you can get off the report.

Wait…that doesn’t make sense.

If I do those 12 unrelated things that have nothing to do with anything, nothing has changed. The reporting is still wrong. I’m still showing deficient. There is no resolution. So seriously, that doesn’t make sense.

I could tell he wanted to throw something at me, but I didn’t really care. If I can think through it, he should have been able to. He simply chose not to. And as a result of him not caring, he wanted me to do extra work that wouldn’t change anything. Nope.

It’s only Monday.

questions? comments? concerns?

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