I decide to stop at Don Pablos for a happy hour margarita. I sit down at one of the little bar tables – the bar was packed. A young woman and her son or younger brother (he’s probably 16) sit at the bar table in front of me. I ordered a mango margarita and they ordered water and lemonade. The server walks past their table first and delivers the water and lemonade. Do you know that triflin heffa sticks her straw in my margarita and tastes it?!?!?!?!


Lady if you want a mango margarita ORDER ONE. Dont taste mine. I gave the server the evilest of eyes… as if to say ‘I dare you to bring that margarita anywhere near me.’ Low key, he looked hella surprised.

Please believe I watched the bartender make a new margarita and hawkeyed that bad boy as he walked back toward my table.

Unfortunately, the lil boy with the triflin heffa got to squirm uncomfortably as I stared a whole in the back of the tacky woman’s wefted head.


Like…who does this?

questions? comments? concerns?

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