My BlackBerry Progression

bb tour

The 8830. My very first BlackBerry. Before BlackBerry introduced cameras. My trackball and I were on top of the world. I could keep up with all of my emails – personal and work. I could search the internet far and wide. My BBM contact list was on point. I had more BBM pins thab I had actual phone numbers.

bb storm

The Storm. The first touchscreen BlackBerry. I was at the  Verizon store EARLY the day it came out ready to get my new toy. Confession: I love new gadgets. Cell phones are included in the gadget category. In the beginning I loved it. Touchscreen. Rotating screen to align horizontally or vertically based on the way you held the phone. I was the horizontal queen. Wait – not like that. But then the flaws started rearing their ugly head. I replaced that thing SEVEN times before Verizon got sick of me.

bb tour

The Tour. After the seventh replacement phone was sent to me, Verizon was like, ‘Look sis. This is a bit much. Take this instead. Our bad.’ I was ok with it. Not my touchscreen but it worked. This phone and I experienced Europe together. My trackball and I were reunited again! This was the last BlackBerry to have a trackball. The next ones had the trackpad. Quite frankly, I liked the ball better.

But the gadget queen in me soon grew bored. BlackBerry hadn’t released anything new and interesting. I wanted more. I wanted apps. I wanted games. I eventually abandoned my love for BlackBerry… for Android.

I’m happy with my Galaxy S3. Dont want the 4. Might go with the next one though. I was on the train yesterday and saw and ad for the newest Blackberries. And then I was unpacking a box and came across my babies. I always keep a backup phone – the Tour. And I give my Momma my old phones. She’s always 2 phones behind the rest of the world.

And I got to thinking… could I go back to the amazing days of email and BBM?

Hmm… would you?

questions? comments? concerns?

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