The Big Bang Theory

If you have never seen this show WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?

big bang theory

Bernadette, Howard, Raj, Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, & Amy

The show is hilarious! It’s about a group of nerds and their antics. Sheldon is… he’s a hot mess. Brilliant but socially inept. He only sees things his way. Leonard is Sheldon’s best friend…if you wanna call it that. Leonard is equally as smart but he attempts to be as normal as he can be. Raj is the third member of the nerd pack. He gets nervous and can’t speak around women he finds attractive. Howard is another nerd. Sheldon gives him a really hard time for being an engineer. Howard used to be really pervy in a nerdy way, but he got engaged and married.

Sheldon has a girlfriend Amy. Girlfriend in the sense that Amy is a girl and his friend. LMAO! The contract they have that outlines their relationship and their dating requirements is ridiculous. Leonard fell for Penny who lives across the hall. They’ve been on again/off again. Last time I saw it, they were on, but that changes. Penny is nowhere near as smart as the guys, but she fits in. Again, Howard married Bernadette. Bernie wears the pants in that relationship…the pants that were previously worn by Howard’s mom. Raj is single… because of the whole I cant talk to attractive women thing.

Listen, the interactions between these nerds and the women that love them is pure comedic genius.

I just finished watching the episode The Argument Dissection. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Watch an episode and tell me this isn’t one of the funniest shows ever.

questions? comments? concerns?

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