My best friend

August 11th was/is a pretty amazing day.

Its 1997. I’m in high school, I had a really good friend named Brice. We actually went to middle school. He was fun, cool – pretty stinking amazing. His birthday was August 11th. As time passes, you grow up and apart, you go away (to college), and you lose touch. He’s doing well, the last I heard.

Fast forward to 2001. In college, I had the amazing privilege of meeting Kristoff. By right, we shouldn’t be friends. He was extremely rude to me when I asked to see his paper. Let him tell it, I was talking about his underwear. Smh. His birthday is…yep! August 11th.

I won’t get all sappy or emotional, but when I tell you he means the world to me, it doesn’t even begin to describe our friendship. That whole nonsensical conversation about how women and men can’t be friends… Uh, yeah they can. I think its been like 12 years…and counting.

I wrote this a few years back. 2010 I think. It was one of those 30 day challenges that I failed. But I made it far enough. I had to write a letter to my best friend. And for the most part, it still holds today.



you are one of my favorite people on the face of this earth. you are brilliant in a world of stupidity. you have the audacity to think for yourself. you believe that a roll of duct tape and a stiff arm are the solution to the majority of the world’s problems – and i agree. often times, however, you sell yourself short. you ARE intelligent. you DONT have any baby mommas. you ARE supposed to conquer the world. you are GORGEOUS (and other women know this). often times i think about how randomly (and crazily) we met and why we do so well. it doesnt make any sense. but in everything, i know for a fact that you will be awesome at whatever it is that you want to do. why else would i hang around this long? 🙂 the only thing holding you back is…YOU. take a chance, step out on faith, increase your risk tolerance. sure, you may fail or suffer a few setbacks but its part of the process. you cant grow unless you have a lesson to learn. love sucks, but its awesome too! you’ll see. i know i am a handful and you didnt sign up for me. but i absolutely love you for it. thanks for calling me on my bullshit, letting me vent, making me laugh, keeping me straight, and all of the millions of things you do for me. thanks for that one night in vegas. i will NEVER be able to duplicate that night. thanks for listening to me cry and not telling me to shutup, even though you should have. thank you for teaching me how to drink…granted i cant go as hard as i used to, but… you are definitely the older brother i was supposed to have. i know we’re eventually going to go our separate ways, but i will always be there for you. your wife and my godchildren will be better people for having you in their lives. by the way, can you hurry that up? i want godchildren asap…its taking you too long. you better pick up that guitar and re-learn that song. i have no idea when i’ll be getting married, but you will play it. end of discussion. i absolutely love you.



I know that he probably won’t ever see this… but if you know him, call/text/email him and tell him happy birthday. And that I’m still waiting on my godchildren!


questions? comments? concerns?

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